Picky People = Higher Quality Standards & Better Transparency

As an emancipated food market, we don’t have to kowtow to corporate pressure about which products to carry in order to meet a specific bottom line. We can - and do - choose to be picky about we put on the shelves; and we continue to hold our products to a higher standard than other natural food stores. We choose to work with local organic farmers, ranchers, bakers, and vendors whenever possible, and we seek partnerships with independent and artisan start-ups. 

We're proud of our picky standards. When evaluating products to bring into the store, a few of the criteria we consider include...

  • organic and non-GMO products
  • locally/regionally produced
  • grass-fed
  • animal welfare
  • sustainably produced
  • minimally processed
  • types of ingredients used
  • options for special diets and food allergies
  • independent and artisan food producers


What you won't see in our store are products from these types of companies:

  • We avoid large corporate/conglomerate food manufacturers
  • We avoid factory farming / industrial farming practices

We Don’t Allow These Dirty Words

Everyone knows a dirty word or two. Some of us even let a few slip out on occasion (shhhh). 

But we never let “dirty” words on any of the food ingredient lists that we bring into the store!  What you won’t find in our store is as important as what you will find!

Here's just a few of the ingredients you won't see on our shelves:

Health & Beauty:

No parabens
No synthetic fragrances
No sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
No phthalates
No preservatives

Vitamin & Supplements:

No synthetics
No fillers
No additives


No artificial colors or dyes
No high fructose corn syrup
No artificial sweeteners
No preservatives
No trans fats
No growth hormones (rBGH and rBST)
No nitrates
No antibiotics