Need a Boost? Healthy Dietary Support

Eating organic & all-natural, real foods is the first step to fueling up on proper nutrients & micronutrients, but sometimes a body needs an extra boost of support in order to achieve optimal health. This is where natural & food-derived vitamins, supplements, & herbs can come in.

At The Crunchy Grocer we offer only organic or all-natural vitamins, supplements, & herbal tinctures because they're among the healthiest & most effective choices for the body. You can feel confident purchasing vitamins & supplements from our shelves because we don't bring in any products with synthetic ingredients, additives and fillers, artificial colors or preservatives, and other unhealthy or unnecessary elements. Look for great brands like Gaia Herbs, Garden of Life, MegaFood, Nordic Naturals, NOW, Host Defense, and others.

In addition to vitamins, supplements, & herbals, we carry popular homeopathic & holistic remedies from Bach’s Flower Essences, Boiron USA, Hylands, and others.


The Crunchy Grocer Brand of Vitamins, Supplements, & Herbals


We’re proud to offer our customers The Crunchy Grocer brand of vitamins, supplements, & herbal tinctures to complement your healthy lifestyle.  Our organic and/or all-natural selection of products offer you the same high-quality, wholesome vitamins, supplements & herbals that you’ve come to expect with national brands, but at a more affordable cost.  Our brand is free of synthetic additives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, and chemical preservatives. Check the label for specific ingredients and organic certifications.

Always consult a physician, naturopath, or other health expert before beginning a vitamin, supplement, or herbal regimen

Vitamins & supplements to help boost your body's health

Digestive support

Cardiovascular health

Heart health

Liver health

Detox / Cleanse

Bone, joint, & muscle support

Weight support

Mood & Sleep support

Immunity support

Respiratory support

Energy support

Vitamins & minerals


Herbal remedies

Men’s & Women’s health

Children’s health

Sports activity

Protein powders & amino acids

Eye / Vision health support

Ear / Hearing support

Bach’s Flower Essences