HowGood Food Product Ratings


The Crunchy Grocer is excited to feature the HowGood Sustainability Ratings

Starting in January 2015, shoppers will see the HowGood food product rating system on The Crunchy Grocer shelves. We launched the new labeling system to help you identify the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and ethically-produced products for you and your family.  Products tagged throughout the store have better ingredients, better company standards, and don't use harmful growing practices -- this means they're better for you!

Download an informational brochure about the program (PDF)

Independent In-Depth Analysis

Care about the environment? Workers' rights? Local ingredients?  HowGood takes all of this and much more into account when they research and rate food items. Ratings are based on a variety of metrics including environmental impact, social responsibility, and product integrity. More than 70 factors are considered such as:

  • environmental emissions
  • habitat conservation
  • air pollution profile
  • animal husbandry record
  • carbon analysis
  • pesticide profile
  • clean energy profile
  • greenhouse gas liabilities
  • corporate ethics
  • competitive practices
  • office waste
  • working conditions
  • benefits
  • community engagement
  • charitable practices
  • employee health & safety
  • ingredient emissions
  • product safety profiles
  • whole food profile
  • nutrient degradation
  • ingredient sourcing
  • grower size and location
  • packaging & storage
  • probiotic profile

HowGood ratings condense this extensive food research into a simple rating

The more HowGood globes a product earns, the better it is for you, society, and the environment!  These ratings will give you the straight story and help you push past product packaging claims and marketing spin.

The simple rating system makes it easy for you to support companies that go above and beyond industry standards to make a positive impact on our world.

This is an ongoing process so don’t worry if your favorite product is not yet rated. As we add new products to our shelves we will be adding more tags as we receive the ratings from HowGood.

Please note: only packaged food items are rated. This rating program does not apply to fresh produce, vitamins or supplements, or health and beauty products.