What makes us crunchy...

What began as a personal journey for founder and local food ambassador, Jonas Buehl, has culminated in a 6,200 sq. ft. organic & non-GMO food market designed to feed & nourish the community’s minds and bodies. 

Not only are we proponents of organic, clean living, but we’re a bunch of folks with fun personalities and big spirits. We’re crunchy at heart and we live crunchy lives.

We are...

home gardeners  kombucha makers  soccer enthusiasts  coffee buffs  recyclers & upcyclers  knitters  moms & dads  young & old (but always young-at-heart)  self-titled "pro" bowlers  occasional-vegans  DIY-ers  cheeseheads  black belts  aspiring novelists  practicing yogis  novice climbers  Nordic rangers  local brew supporters  animal lovers  klutzes  baby food makers  off-the-beaten-path-hikers  musicians & singers  silly jokesters & storytellers  Broncos fans  flexitarians organic juicers  KBCO listeners  bhakti chai devotees  Buckeye fans  readers  composters  tincture mixers  chefs & bakers  Days of our Lives watchers  hoop dancers  wannabe runners  volunteers   mindful meditators  tinkerers  horseback riders  artists  outdoor adventurers  natives  fermenters  tattoo admirers  conscious consumers  free spirits  yoga instructors  crafters  locavores. . .  

Our Mission

To feed our community consciously, deliciously, and with love.

The Crunchy Grocer promotes conscious, healthy living through clean, organic food and products.  We want to empower our customers to make informed choices about the health benefits of their food by breaking through all the noise and confusion to provide straightforward information about clean food. And, we accomplish this all while having a little crunchy fun along the way.

The Crunchy Grocer Manifesto

We believe…

  1. that the quality of our food is directly correlated to the quality of our health, and neither should be taken for granted;
  2. that people should always have the right to know and the right to choose what they’re eating, where it comes from, and how it’s produced; and
  3. that clean, organic, locally grown, sustainably-sourced food should be an affordable choice for everyone.

We Live Our Core Values

  1. Health. Provide clean food and healthy products at affordable prices to support our customers’ overall well being. Let’s nourish minds and bodies!
  2. Respect. Be courteous and respectful to all of our customers, fellow employees, and partners. We’d even be friendly to Rodney Dangerfield, and he got no respect!
  3. Quality. Supply only those foods and products that meet the highest standards for clean, organic, and nutritious living. The bigger the crunch, the better!
  4. Contribution. Support and serve our local community in positive ways; support organizations that reflect our values. Maybe we should call it Crunchy Contributions or Crunchy Causes!
  5. Conservation. Practice environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices to minimize our impact. We’re not conservative about our conservation efforts!
  6. Happiness. Promote a work environment that is happy and fun. No meanies allowed!