9/18 "Turn Off the Flow, We Have a Leak" 6:00-7:30pm

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"Turn Off the Flow, We Have a Leak" (Intro to GAPS)

Autoimmune disease. Food intolerances.  Autism. ADD/ADHD.  These and more are caused by imbalanced gut flora, a leaky gut, and an inflow of toxins. The GAPS™ (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) nutritional healing protocol has solutions for this problem. Come learn about what you can do to heal and seal your leaky gut and stop the flow of toxins that are causing your symptoms. 

This class is presented by Amy Mihaly, FNP-BC, a certified GAPS™ practitioner, who believes in the science of this diet from personal & professional experience, and provides education, private consults, and support for nutritional healing. You may contact Amy with whollyGuts, LLC amy.healingdiet@gmail.com or (970) 218-8273.

Location: The Community Room

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