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Organic Produce

We sell organically grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs with an eye to supporting local farmers who follow strict organic practices. Our fresh & frozen selections come from some of the best growers including local organic farmers and USDA-certified organic farmers.  Additionally, we offer fresh and dried organic herbs and spices.

Organic Bulk Bins

Get on Board with Bulk!

Did you know that buying from organic bulk bins costs about 89% less than the packaged counterpart? That's a sweet savings we can get behind! 

Our organic bulk bins offer customers a variety of flours, beans, lentils, granolas, dried fruits, trail mixes, healthy snacks, spices, teas & more. We also have gluten-free options throughout the bulk section for our customers.

Want to learn more about the benefits of bulk? Check out the Bulk is Green Council for more information.

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The Crunchy Grocer Organic & Natural Salad/Soup Bar

The Crunchy Grocer Organic & Natural Salad/Soup Bar

Organic Salad Bar

NOW OPEN!  Our organic & natural salad bar features rotating, seasonal fruits & veggies, salad mixes, cold salads, house made dressings, and a house made soup du jour.

Salad Bar Hours:
11am-6pm Mon-Fri
11am-4pm Sun

Organic & All-Natural Meat

Our fresh meats come from local and regional ranchers - like Boulder Natural Meats and Teton Waters - who provide us with organic and grass-fed meats. Whether you’re looking for beef, bison, pork, or chicken, you can find the healthiest cuts at The Crunchy Grocer.  We also feature specialty meats seasonally and when available such as lamb and corned beef.

Our meats are free of antibiotics, growth hormones, fillers, and preservatives; plus they’re raised on ranches that promote the health and wellness of their livestock and flocks.

Organic & All-Natural Dairy and Dairy Alternatives

We love working with local milk, cheese, yogurt, & egg producers to offer you the freshest and tastiest selection. Our organic and all-natural dairy products come from animals that haven’t been fed antibiotics or growth hormones; and which have been raised in healthy conditions.  

Not a fan of dairy? Then check out our dairy-alternatives ranging from almond milk to vegan cheeses and coconut-based yogurts. We proudly offer products from companies like So Delicious, Daiya, Go Veggie, Silk, Tofutti, and Earth Balance.


Artisan Bakery

Our baked goods include gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free varieties. We have artisan breads from Fiddletown Bakery and Ingrained Bakery out of Ft. Collins, as well as options from Canyon Bakehouse, Outside the Breadbox, Rudi's, and others.  

Our bakery desserts feature local flavor from Lovin’ Oven in Boulder, Outrageous Bakery, and other fantastic specialty bakers.  


Grocery Aisles

Throughout the grocery aisles, you’ll find a great selection of organic and non-GMO foods along with healthy options for special diets and food allergies.  

We have everything from pastas to soups, from cereals to cookies, and energy bars to chips and crackers. You find nationally-recognized brands like Mary's Gone Crackers, Bragg's, or Barbara's Bakery right along side great local brands such as Jackson Honest, Roberto's Salsa, and others.

If there’s a specific product you’re looking for, just ask a Crunchy Ambassador to help you locate it or ask us about special orders.