Drink up. Chow down.



The Crunchy Grocer is the go-to place in Northern Colorado for kombucha drinkers. We carry a large variety of brands and flavors, and all at super prices: Buchi, Revive, Eva's Herbucha, Brew Dr., GT's, Reed's. Come get your kombucha on! 


The Chinese referred to this bubbly beverage as an "immortal health elixir," believing that its health benefits range from aiding in digestion and detoxification to helping boost the immune system.  While kombucha has been around for more than 2,000 years, it's only recently gained widespread popularity in the United States. 

Kombucha is made from a sweetened tea (or tea blend) fermented with a SCOBY or "starter." Sometimes referred to as a "mushroom" because of its look, the SCOBY is responsible for the fermentation process which promotes healthy probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, & polyphenols as well as the adds to the drink's natural effervescence.  

Check the ingredients of kombucha before purchasing -- not all kombucha is equal.  Each brand uses their own recipes with different types of tea, herbs, fruits, & spices to create their unique flavor. Some are sweeter; some are more "earthy."  

Whatever taste you're looking for, we're certain we can help you find a new favorite, healthy drink!

Healthy Hydration

Staying hydrated in Colorado is a must! And we have a number of healthy options for you and your family including coconut water, fresh juices, mineral water, sparkling water, and more! We're excited about great brands like Harvest Bay, Amy & Brian, Zico, La Croix, Alo, and O.N.E.

We also have a convenient Reverse Osmosis Water System available in-store for customers to fill-up their own bottles and jugs. The RO system provides clean, pure drinking water that's free of contaminants found in regular tap water.

Still Thirsty?

Quench your thirst with any number of healthy drinks: tea, coffee, chai, juice, soda, lemonade, drinking chocolate, and protein & energy drinks are all available.

Check out the bevy of beverages from brands like Mamma Chia, Kevita, Sanctuary Chai, 3rd Street Chai, Bhakti Chai, Fragile Planet, Santa Cruz, Big B's, Columbia Gorge, Spindrift Chameleon Brew, Zevia Soda, RUNA, Honest Tea, CaCoCo, Bragg, Knudsen...