Please Don't Hate Me Because I'm Ugly!


At The Crunchy Grocer we LOVE Ugly! So much so, we are partnering with small Northern Colorado farmers to bring you the freshest and the most purely grown produce we call it “MORganic™” - organic and beyond. Millions of pounds of produce is wasted every year because it is considered "ugly" by mainstream grocery stores: a cosmetic blemish, a unique shape or its character building size. It’s still perfect for eating, cooking and crunching, all at a price that makes beauty pale.  This means ugly is the new beautiful when it comes to lower priced, imperfect produce at The Crunchy Grocer! It saves you money, saves food waste and adds to our diverse selection of produce for your family.

Seasonal produce will be offered as ugly as we work with local farmers at the mercy of Mother Nature and her natural growing seasons. Know where your produce comes from, The Crunchy Grocer, Northern Colorado’s Emancipated Food Market.

Posted on September 23, 2015 .