News Release: The Crunchy Grocer Encourages Community to "Get on Board with Bulk"

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 Week-long event highlight many economic and environmental advantages

to buying bulk foods; offers 25% discount on bulk purchases

LOVELAND, Colorado – October 9, 2014 The Crunchy Grocer, Northern Colorado’s emancipated food market™, will be participating in the 4th annual National Bulk Foods Week from October 12 – 18. The week-long event, titled “Get on Board with Bulk,” is designed to bring awareness and excitement to the many environmental and economic advantages to buying bulk foods.  To encourage the community to try out purchasing from bulk bins, The Crunchy Grocer is offering 25% off all bulk purchases during the week.

“Families can see a sizeable savings on their food budget when they regularly purchase from the bulk bins,” says Sarah Beek, Bulk Foods Buyer at The Crunchy Grocer. “Not only do you save money by only purchasing what you need, but you save money in packaging which positively impacts the environment. It’s an economical way to eat healthy and organic while staying within your food budget.”

Economic Savings

According to the Bulk Is Green Council, organic bulk foods on average cost 89% less than their packaged counterparts[1] with savings topping 300% in certain categories like tea and spices. By purchasing in the exact amount you need, consumers help decrease food waste while optimizing the value they receive at check-out.

Environmental Impact

Not only does purchasing food from bulk bins offer consumers financial savings, buying bulk also prevents significant amounts of product packaging from entering landfills.  For example, according to the Bulk is Green Council, if Americans purchased all of their almonds in bulk for one year, 72 million pounds of waste would be saved from a landfill.

The National Bulk Week celebration at The Crunchy Grocer will offer the community an introduction to buying from bulk bins and also offer them 25% off savings on their bulk purchases.  Additional information about the store’s bulk department can be found online at

About The Crunchy Grocer

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[1] Statistic from researchers at Portland State University’s Food Industry Leadership Center and the School of Business Administration

Posted on October 9, 2014 .