Crunchy Causes & Giving Back

We love supporting our community so much that we’ve made it a focus of our mission & values. We lend our “giving back” efforts to donating excess food & items to House of Neighborly Service, offering charitable contributions, participating in local events, and offering free health & wellness education.

We champion causes that support organic food, natural healthy living, sustainability, & conscious consumerism.

A peek at a few of our local partnerships & causes

How to request a donation, sponsorship, or support from us

We receive many requests from wonderful organizations, and we’re bummed that we can’t support everyone. We review every request and evaluate it based on its connection to the community, to causes near-and-dear to our Crunchy Ambassadors, and to our Crunchy values.

If your group is interested in donations, sponsorship, or other support from The Crunchy Grocer, please email your request to

Shop Local


When you choose to shop local, not only are you supporting independent businesses like The Crunchy Grocer, but you’re also championing the community and yourself.  

Need another reason to shop local? How about one of these…

  1. Circle of Economic Strength: Studies show that when you buy from independent, locally-owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used by those businesses to purchases goods & services from other local businesses.
  2. Keep NoCo Unique: One-of-a-kind businesses help make our community our home! The flavor of our town is spiced with independent shops, restaurants, breweries, and more.
  3. Local = Giving Back: Small businesses typically donate an average of 250% more money to local non-profits than larger businesses.  Shopping local means more support for community groups.
  4. Great Personal Service: Local businesses know their customers personally, and are invested in providing superior customer service and individualized products.
  5. Support Workers: Did you know that small businesses are the largest employer nationally? And in most communities, they provide the most jobs to area residents?
  6. Love the Environment: Local purchases by you and by the business require less transportation which in turn means less pollution, carbon emissions, gasoline, etc. Love local = love the environment!